Help Your Office Cleaner by Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Does your office carpet smell? Do your feet stick to the carpet when you walk? Then it’s time to called in an office cleaner. While there are a plenty of useful tips on how to clean, hiring a professional is the smartest, faster option. A true office cleaning company use only certified products, ensuring the safety of your carpet. Also, this will increase your carpet’s life in the long run.
It’s no secret that the life and beauty of your carpet, strongly depends on the care it receives. Well maintained carpets last up to 10 to 15 years. Cleaning your carpet helps improve your air quality, and can protect the environment. The cleaning provided by a professional office cleaner may save you from replacing your carpet for years to come.

Office cleaners possess the knowledge on how to identify effective carpet cleaning products. They will choose the right cleaning products and equipment, deep cleaning your carpet right the first time. Stains will not reappear, and no damage will be made to your carpet. It’s recommended to clean your carpet every 12 to 18 months. This should keep your carpet at its peak at all times.
You can take precautions, preventing excessive staining or dirt on your office carpet. Stop people eating at their desks. At every exterior door install mats, for the wiping of ones feet. All this will prevent the wear and tear of your flooring.

When looking for an office cleaner, watch out for companies that charge by the room. A reputable company should base any price on the area to be cleaned, as each room size is different.

Make sure you hire a company with certification, stating that they are professional cleaners. The uniforms or the usage of brand name products, does not automatically give credibility.

Ask questions! Ask them what their process is, or what products they use. How long they have been in business. Always get a written agreement on the prices, and guarantees before any cleaning work is done.
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